Tuition fees

The School does not receive any subsidies and tuition fees are therefore payable by students' families.
The School is a higher education institute, and enrolment and tuition fees are set each year by training council meetings chaired by a state representative. For 2008, the council set tuition fees at €7,165 per annum. These fees do not include mandatory personal contributions to the student social security scheme (around €195 per annum) or to complementary health insurance schemes (for risks not covered by social security insurance), or purchases of personal instruments that may be of use in the student's future professional life.
The School has set up a banking partnership with BANQUE POPULAIRE PROVENCALE ET CORSE. In order to discover the advantages available to them, students should call the following toll-free number (from France only): (00 33) 0.800.13.26.00
  • Advanced fixed-rate loan (up to €21,000 over 9 years).
  • Free advance against bursary over three months (€610 per month).
  • Assistance with equipment purchases.
  • Accounts consultable on internet.
  • Credit facilities converted into start-up loans.
  • For all information, students may also contact :

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